Davy Ragland
  • Welcome!

    Hello world, and welcome to my website! My name is Davy Ragland, and I am currently a senior at Hawaii Preparatory Academy. If you are reading this, then that means that all the code I wrote works! I programmed this site myself in HTML, CSS, and PHP, rather than using one of those fancy template GUIs, because it was simply more fun this way. By writing and debugging hundreds of lines of code, I was able to gain the satisfaction of creating something myself, and designing it just the way I wanted. Also, I love technology more than anything else, so coding this website was a great way to learn more about computers. Anyway, I wrote this website in order to help you get to know me, and I hope you enjoy my work. And yes, that is a picture of me wearing an electroencephalogram, with my brain being modelled in real time!

  • About Me

    If I had to describe myself in one word, I would call myself logical. I enjoy dealing with numbers, concrete principles, and quantifiable ideas. It is this mindset that draws me to science, technology, math, and engineering, as they all make intuitive sense to me. I find satisfaction in understanding how the world works and how components add up to perform functions and actions. This natural drive is the main force behind my personal motivation to keep learning. As for hobbies, I love playing around with technology. If could live in any fictional universe, it would definitely be in Star Wars. To be surrounded by all that futuristic technology would be heaven. I also love LEGO, as I am free to design and build whatever I can dream of. Similarly, I love origami, because it is the art of turning a two-dimensional square into a three-dimensional masterpiece, solely though the methodical manipulation of its form. In addition, I love staying fit, and have done track and field for three years and cross-country for five. This past cross-country season I even won the 2013 BIIFs Open Championship race.

  • Background

    It all started in 1997, when I was born in India. First, we moved to Italy, and then France, and Boston, because my parents wanted me to grow up in the land of opportunity. We later moved to the Big Island of Hawaii, where I live now. My parents are both scientists, and thus have instilled on me an insatiable curiosity for knowledge. As I grew up, I have attempted to understand how the world works, through extracurricular activities such as middle school science fairs, computer programming, underwater engineering, artificially intelligent robots, challenging science, math, and technology classes, and independent science research projects up at the Energy Lab.

  • Energy Lab

    When I think of home, I think of the Energy Lab. This multi-million dollar, LEED platinum certified, Living Building 2010 grand prize winning, state of the art research facility was built to be an example of sustainable living. Here, the latest in green technology is utilized to survive and thrive off the grid. Its intelligent design, energy efficiency, and technological supremacy make it a utopia for people like me, as it allows us, as students, to see, and gain access to what is possible. Here, we are given the opportunity to attend classes with hands-on applications, to learn about sustainable living, and to independently research and develop using technology usually available only to professionals. Thanks to its director, Dr. Bill Wiecking, us students can research brains, Sleep Apnea, and DNA, develop immersive human machine interfaces, virtual reality, and augmented reality, work with 3D printers, advanced networking, energy monitoring, drones, earthquake monitors, and much more. Naturally, I spend almost every day up here, working on one project or another, as this is the one part of school I completely enjoy. It is the one part where I can learn by doing, rather than just reading. It is only here that I feel that I can truly be myself.