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About Me

 My name is Zen Simone and this is the website I built! Since this is the “About Me” section of this page here’s some information about me. I was born in Los Angeles, CA and lived there until 2006. That year I moved to the small town of Hawi (pronounced hə’ vi) on the Big Island of Hawaii. This was a big event in my life. Leaving the big city to live in a rural town was a very large change. New school, new people, new environment. One thing that did not change was the sport I had been playing since I was four years old, and continue to play today: Soccer. This sport has been a big part of my life ever since I could remember. It is a major passion of mine and has lead to meeting some of my best friends and having some of the best experiences of my life. Playing it, of course, helped me feel somewhat better when I was down about leaving my friends and family in Los Angeles. From third to eighth grade I went to a school in Kohala, the bigger district of which Hawi is a part.

   In 2012 I joined the Hawaii Preparatory Academy class of 2016 as a freshman. Since I have been at HPA a lot has happened. There has been a lot of opportunity in academics, soccer, and my introduction to the Energy Lab.

   In terms of soccer I have played full varsity seasons both sophomore and junior year, and look forward to the upcoming season. I play outside back and winger for the HPA team and start most games. Both seasons we placed 3rd in states. My sophomore year I also got picked up by the Kona Heat Soccer club and we went to an international tournament, the Donosti Cup, in San Sebastian, Spain. It was a great trip and I had some amazing soccer experiences. I also got to practice my Spanish, which helped my Spanish skills significantly. That has been my soccer experience so far during High School.

    Next comes the Energy Lab. The self-sufficient lab at the top of our campus has been my introduction into the realm of research. I have learned so much from the opportunity to do independent research in the Energy Lab. I have learned a lot about environmental science and computer science. I am very interested in computer science. I have so much fun doing hardware work, like fixing and building computers, and software development, like programming, app development, and system management. Through all the projects I have been working on I have not only learned a lot, but have also solidified the fact that I would really enjoy a career in computer science.

So that’s a little bit about me! Please view my Projects page and feel free to contact me!

Why I Built This Page

There are a few reasons I built this website. One reason I created this site is to have a place to display some things about me and some projects I have worked on. I feel that creating a website is a good way to have these things, as well as the link to my project blog, together and in an easy place to view. Another reason was to get some hands-on experience building a website. Though it is not the first time I have worked on a site, this is the first time I have built an entire site by myself. This has been a lot of fun, and I have learned a lot about using HTML and CSS through this experience.Please feel free to view my projects in the "Projects" page!

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